Mylinking™ Portable FM/AM/SW/CB/Air/VHF Aviation Band Radio


Short Description:

Mylinking™ Portable FM/AM/SW/CB/Air/VHF air craft band radio

It supports:

-FM/AM/SW Radio Receiving

-Aircraft Band Receiving

-Telescopic Antenna

-Aviation all-band Radio Receiving

-Lithium Battery and Power Bank Multifunctional Broadcast Reception

-Color Options of Black and Golden

Product Detail

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This Air Craft Band Radio is compact and portable, and built-in 700mAh lithium battery capacity, it offers long service life. It is an entry-level product for radio enthusiasts, an auxiliary product for off-road enthusiasts (VHF channel), and can provide flight information for frequent flying users.
ML-SAR-737 portable FM/AM/SW/CB/Air/VHF radio is a new aviation frequency band radio, digital frequency display, no need to transmit, within 10KM from the airport can clearly receive the command dialogue between the tower controller and the crew.

FM/AM/SW/CB/Air/VHF Aviation Band Radio Features

  • Mini size and lightweight, convenience for hiking, take a bus or walking.
  • Including FM/AM/SW/CB/Air/VHF World Band, offering large numbers of programs for you to enjoy.
  • A good product for radio enthusiasts, off-road enthusiasts and frequent flying users, easy to use.
  • Retractable 6 sections antenna and an extending antenna help to enhance the receiving signal of your radio.
  • With built-in 700mAh lithium battery capacity, offers long service life.

FM/AM/SW/CB/Air/VHF World Band Product Parameters

Frequency Range FM: 87.5-108MHz (100KHz step)
AM: 520-1720KHz
SW: 2.3-30MHz
CB: 25-28MHz
Receiving Sensitivity FM: 2uV
AM: 3uV/M
SW: 40dBuV
CB: 1uV    SQ: 1UV
AIR: 2uV    SQ: 1UV
VHF: 2uV    SQ: 2UV(NFM)
Product Size 103x60x15mm
Speaker Φ40mm 8Ω 1W
Battery 700mah 3.7v Lithium Battery
External Power Supply DC 5V
Minimum Operating Voltage 2V
Stereo Separation ≥32DB
Degree of Distortion ≤0.5%
Output Power ≤200mW
External Earplug Φ3.5mm/32Ω*2
Certification CE, RoHS, FCC

Packing Size

1. Carton Size: 370×340×440mm
2. Packaging: 48pcs/ctn
3. Gross Weight: 11KG/ctn
4. Packing List:
1*English Manual
1*USB Cable
1*BL5C Lithium Battery
5. Box Size: 140*127*50mm
6. Gross Weight: 129g/set


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