Mylinking™ NPB Network Data & Packet Visibility for Network Traffic Cleaning

Traditional Network Flow Cleaning Equipment Deployment

Traditional traffic cleaning equipment is a network security service that is deployed directly in series between network communication equipment to monitor, warn and protect against DOS/DDOS attacks.The service monitors the data traffic entering the client IDC in real time and finds abnormal traffic including DOS attack in time.Wash out abnormal traffic without affecting normal business.Effectively meet the customer's requirements for the continuity of IDC operations.At the same time, the service improves the visibility of customer network traffic and the clarity of security status through time notice, analysis report and other service contents.However, with the rapid development of the network, the surge of data traffic has brought a huge impact on the flow cleaning equipment. It is urgent to replace the efficient flow cleaning equipment, but a large amount of investment will inevitably increase the operating cost of users.

Mylinking™ Network Flow Cleaning Solution (10GE Link Cleaning)

As shown in the figure below, RouterA is connected to the XE0 interface of network data visualization control equipment, RouterB is connected to the XE2 interface of network data visualization control equipment, and two ports of the flow cleaning equipment are respectively connected to the GE1 and GE3 of network data visualization control equipment.When RouterA sending data (xe0-0xfc) to RouterB (XE2), matching a IP flow is blocked, not sent directly to the XE2, first will be network data visualization control device by GE1 and GE4 (load balancing) sent to the flow cleaning equipment, after the traffic equipment for cleaning by GE3 and GE5 return network data visualization control device, network data visualization control equipment to XE2, did not match the flow of data will be sent directly to XE2;The same is true when RouterB sends data (XE2) to RouterA (XE0).

Network Flow Cleaning Solution

Mylinking™ Network Data Visualization Control of Network Packet Broker for Deployment Advantage

1- Filter Pretreatment

Filter on demand, pre-filter irrelevant information, reduce the flow of cleaning equipment processing pressure.

2- Centralized Network Management Platform

Standardized network management protocol support, can be seamlessly embedded into the customer's centralized network management platform, effectively record all user operations, in order to facilitate the recovery of accidents.

3- Traffic Graphical Monitoring

Real-time graphical monitoring of the status of each node on the network or in the cloud to reflect the current status of traffic, load curve and so on in a friendly way

4- Reduce User Investment

If the 10GE link is cleaned, the flow cleaning equipment needs to support 10GE interface. However, the NetTAP network data visualization control device solution is adopted, and there is no need for the flow cleaning equipment to support 10GE interface, which can greatly save user investment.


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Post time: Jun-30-2022