Why Choose Mylinking™ Inline Network Bypass TAP to Protect Your INLINE Network Security?

Inline Security Protection Device Deployment Challenges

No.1 Is deep heterogeneous multi-level Inline protection an essential means of security protection?

No.2 "Sugar gourd" type of Inline deployment increases the risk of single point of failure!

No.3 Safety equipment upgrades/replacements/troubleshooting all lead to significant losses in outages.

No.4 The upgrade of link bandwidth directly leads to a waste of investment in expensive security protection tools!

Core Values

No.1 Solve the risk of multiple devices connected to a single link

 Solve risk

No.2 Higher Reliability/Wider Scenario Coverage

No.3 Accurate Control of Traffic Data

Accurate control of traffic data

 No. 4 Prevent faults such as overload of safety tools

Post time: Apr-01-2024