Mylinking™ Audio Broadcast Monitoring System

ML-DRM-3010 3100

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Mylinking™ The audio broadcast monitoring system is a platform designed for network operators and regulators. The purpose of the platform is to provide a means of continuous monitoring and evaluation of the coverage and quality of audio broadcasts. The system consists of a central server DRM-3100 platform and a set of distributed receivers DRM-3010, which are connected via network. The DRM-3010 is a high performance audio broadcast receiver that supports DRM, AM and FM. GDRM-3010 supports the collection of key parameters of audio broadcasting, including SNR, MER, CRC, PSD, RF level, audio availability and service information. The collection and uploading of parameters meets DRM RSCI standards. The DRM-3010 can work independently or be deployed with other receivers to become a node in the service evaluation network. The GR-301 supports the xHE-AAC audio encoding format and supports the latest DRM+ systems through software upgrades.

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The DRM-3100 is a management platform designed for audio broadcast monitoring and receiver control purposes, it manages the geographically distributed DRM-3010 receivers. The platform can formulate receiving schedules, configure the receivers to perform receiving tasks, perform real-time browsing of the reception status, store historical data, and visualize the statistic data in a intuitive way. In addition to monitoring and analyzing data, the DRM-3100 platform also supports real-time audio monitoring and configuration of alarm conditions, alarms will be triggered when rules are met.

DRM-3010 Audio Broadcast Monitoring Receiver DRM-3100 Audio Broadcast Monitoring Platform

⚫ Radio: DRM, AM, FM, ready for DRM+

⚫ RF: High performance full-band reception frontend with multiple band pass filter, provides bias voltage output to power active antennas

⚫ Measurement: Covers SNR, MER, audio availability, CRC and essential parameters defined in RSCI standard

⚫ Live audio: Audio is losslessly compressed and uploaded to platform for live monitoring, local listening is also supported.

⚫ Connection: supports connection via Ethernet, 4G or Wi-Fi network.

⚫ Peripherals: Built-in GPS receiver, USB, relay output, audio line out and headphone

⚫ Power: AC and DC 12V

⚫ Operation: Remote rsci or local web, data can be stored on local storage

⚫ Design: 19" 1U rack mount chassis


⚫ Management: The platform connects receivers to network, manage identities and geo-locations of both receivers and transmitter sites.

⚫ Schedule: Define schedules for receivers to tune to frequency on given time.

⚫ Monitoring: Monitor essential reception parameters like SNR, MER, CRC, PSD, RF level and service information.

⚫ Analysis: The data reported by the receiver will be stored for long-term analysis of broadcast coverage and reception quality. The key indicators such as SNR and audio availability can be observed and compared over time on a daily, weekly or monthly scale.

⚫ Report: Generate reports for the reception status of a given receiver group on a single day or period of time, including detailed data and charts recorded at five-minute intervals.

⚫ Live audio: Listen to real-time audio streams from the receiver that are transmitted in lossless format

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