Mylinking™ Network Tap ML-TAP-0501B

5*GE 10/100/1000M BASE-T, Max 5Gbps, Bypass

Short Description:

Mylinking™ Intelligent Network Copper Tap is designed for your GE Network Smart Monitoring and Security applications.

-Supports 5 gigabit electrical interfaces, plus duplex wire-speed traffic replication capabilities.

-Supports linkreflect features ensure routing protocol rapid aggregation.

-Supports intelligent Bypass Technology to ensure link fast recovery

-Supports zero configuration mode, before out of factory, having been made the functional characterics of each port.

Supports flexible single / bi-directional network traffic replication & aggregation capabilities

Product Detail

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2- Features


ASIC Chipset


RJ45 GE Acquisition


Smart Bypass


Data Replication


Data Aggregation


Data Distribution

3- Application Structures


3.1- Inline Data Monitor(0501B)


3.2- Inline Data Aggregation (0501B)


3.3- Smart Bypass(0501B)


3.4- Data Replication (0501/0501B)

4- Intelligent BYPASS (does not Affect the Link Transmission)

ML-TAP-0501B Intelligent Network Copper Tap built-in smart BYPASS module can support not only on the power and electric automatic BYPASS switch without delay, and has a unique port state monitoring technology to provide the consistency of the uplink and downlink port Link state guarantee, to meet your network equipment redundancy protocol (such as dynamic routing protocol OSPF routing) can be quickly detected correctly neighbor equipment state changes, to achieve the effect of rapid convergence.

Inline Traditional TAP:


The Traditional TAP cannot quickly reflect to the uplink port state when the downlink link fails (such as link loss), so it takes a long time to switch the traffic transfer redundant link between SW1 and SW3 through the discovery mechanism of the upper layer dynamic routing protocol. The network reliability and recovery time are prolonged.

Mylinking™ Intelligent Network Copper Tap Intelligent BYPASS Technology:


Mylinking™ Intelligent Network Copper Tap adopts Intelligent BYPASS Technology, which can timely detect and timely report the failure of port link to the uplink port in case of failure of downlink port link, and intelligently close the uplink port link so that the uplink port of SW1 can timely perceive the failure of interconnect port of SW3. It can quickly enable redundant equipment and routing mechanism to achieve the fast switching of traffic, effectively shorten the recovery time of network failure and enhance the reliability of the network.

Ease to Use

-The device is fixed with 1 Inline IN/OUT port, 2 one-way traffic monitoring ports (TX/RX respectively), and 1 traffic aggregation monitoring port. The installation can be completed according to the port panel instructions without any jumper or other complex configuration.

-Status monitoring. The device has 1 system status indicator and 1 power indicator. Each port has Link rate status indicator and LinkActivity data activity indicator, which can clearly indicate the current working status of the system.

-Duplex wire-speed traffic replication capabilities. Mylinking™ Intelligent Network Copper Tap uses ASIC chip with pure hardware mode wire-speed replicate Ethernet traffic, even if all ports simultaneously using wire-speed, packet without loss can be achieved, effective to make your intrusion detection, defense systems, security audit systems, protocol analyzers, RMON probes, and other security bypass deployment devices all can be completely monitoring data flow, and better ensure your network security.

Flexible single / bi-directional traffic replication & aggregation capabilities. It has flexible TX / RX traffic replication or mixed aggregation function. Device can be either separate outputs two links TX, RX traffic to ensure full duplex under 1G link's bi-directional traffic completely monitoring; also mixed output TX / RX traffic, meet the requirements of part of the monitoring device only has a single port case can monitor the bidirectional data traffic.

5- Specifications

Mylinking™ Intelligent Network Copper Tap

Type@ 0501B  

 Type@ 0501

Interface Type

Network Port

GE Port(A/B)

GE Port


Monitor Port

GE Port(A/B/AB)


Max Ports

5 ports

5 ports

Traffic Replication

Support 1->4

Support 1 -> 4

Traffic Max Speed



Replication TX/RX



Aggregation TX/RX



Monitor TX/RX



Bypass TX/RX




Power Supply









Work Temperature


Storage Temperature


Work Humidity

10%-95%,No Condensation




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